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NFT and Digital Art: Boğaziçi Ventures' New Area of Investment

Bogazici Ventures, which stands out with investments in domestic technologies within the entrepreneurship ecosystem, takes a step into popular NFT works and digital art as new areas of investment after fintech, health, security, and gaming.

We are delighted to announce that we have invested in Gulliver’s Games together with US-based investor March Capital!

Gulliver’s Games, a mobile game studio focused on hybrid casual and tycoon game genres, consists of a young and dynamic team. The team led by Doğan Akdağ, who has gained experience in successful companies such as Peak Games and King Games, is highly competent and visionary. After investment, the team is planning to expand with new equally competent and dynamic teammates to join them. 

Boğaziçi Ventures invested 2.75 million TL in Funrika!

Founded by Cem Köne and Can Köne in 2011, Funrika has been developing mobile-oriented games since its establishment and finally achieved success with the game Top Race.

Announcing the investment news for the first time on Youtube, Boğaziçi Ventures hosted Cem Köne and Can Köne who are the founding partners of Funrika, and talked about hybrid and hypercasual games’ place in the market, business model, future and trends.

Bogaziçi Ventures invested 1.4 million USD in Tarentum!

Tarentum, a leading artificial intelligence company based in Turkey with focus on renewable energy and gaming industries raised 1.4 million USD from Boğaziçi Ventures Boğaziçi Ventures announced the investment news for the first time on Youtube live stream by hosting Tarentum founding partners Oğuz Silahtar and Bora Tokyay.

Boğazici Ventures made 400.000 USD investment in Mafia Games!

Mafia Games, which develops chance and skill based games, is aiming to accelerate its global growth with this investment.

Bogazici Ventures contributes to the growth of the ecosystem by investing in technologies that can scale rapidly in international markets through its BV Growth fund, which invests in Gaming, Fintech, Retail Technologies and Digital Health and has invested 400.000 USD in Mafia Games which was founded by Fatih Polat and Serkan Aksu. Mafia Games generally focuses on development of chance and skill-based games.

Boğaziçi Ventures invested 500.000 USD in Barakatech!

Barakatech, which is a leading software startup providing a SuperApp platform and an API marketplace to companies, raised 500.000 USD from Bogazici Ventures

Out of 94 investments made in Turkey in 2019, fintech has the highest share with 17 investments. SuperApps which are continuing to grow in the Asia market and still have a high potential globally, provide a solution for low user retention rates as they have lots of features users need while generally keeping their focus on fintech and digital payment.

Bogazici Ventures has invested 430.000 USD in Fiber Games!

Fiber Games, which has proven its success in the “hypercasual” genre in gaming industry, plans to strengthen its team and accelerate its growth with this investment with a valuation equaling 4.3 million USD.

Fiber Games team stated that they will reach their goals much faster with Bogazici Ventures whose founders have achieved a great success in the gaming ecosystem.