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Next Generation Online Marketing Tool Powered by AI

In the last decade, the E-Commerce industry has taken center stage in the global economy, and it’s only estimated to grow even larger. The entire e-commerce industry uses online ads for their traffic and remarketing campaigns. As a result, online ads have become an absolute essential for any e-commerce company.


The biggest challenge in online ads is the target audience selection for any campaign. Regardless of what audience you choose, online ad platforms will show your ad to those audiences.


There are two primary reasons for the growth of online ads. First, an online ad campaign is based on performance marketing, meaning you can track and monitor the performance of any online campaign in terms of e-commerce conversions (e-commerce website sales). This is a revolutionary change compared to traditional marketing methods like TV ads, radio ads, billboard ads, etc. Second, the means to reach millions of people has become more accessible than ever with the rise of social media and smartphones.


Facebook Ads and Google Ads primarily dominate online ads, and most e-commerce tends to utilize them to reach their audience. However accessible it might have become, it still requires extensive knowledge to manage performance marketing properly. The biggest challenge in online ads is the target audience selection for any campaign. Regardless of what audience you choose, online ad platforms will show your ad to those audiences. Choose the wrong audience, and you will be wasting your campaign budget. More importantly, if you reach an irrelevant audience and keep showing your ad, they might get irritated, which can hurt your brand image.


Enhencer” is a solution for that.


Enhencer was founded in METU Technopolis, Turkey, in 2015 to help e-commerce companies improve the return for their online marketing campaigns by making target audience selection easier for all e-commerce companies through the use of Artificial-Intelligence. On top of that, Enhencer uses a first-party cookie, meaning it does not unethically collect any personal identifying information, making it compliant with Personal Data Protection Law imposed around the world.

Enhencer provides its services globally to over 200 e-commerce companies, including leading e-commerce companies in Turkey. Enhencer’s vision is to make online marketing more accessible and sustainable for both e-commerce and consumers. E-commerce companies can reach the right target audience using less budget, and consumers will not see any irrelevant ads to their taste.


Enhencer is a growing company that received investment funds under the leadership of Diffusion Capital Partners. Boğaziçi Ventures, Geometry Venture Development | Angel Investment Network, and many individual investors.


With the recent pandemic, people worldwide faced the harsh truth of isolation in their homes. This has fueled many start-ups to provide home delivery services, slightly changing peoples’ online shopping behavior. E-commerce companies doubled down on this opportunity to make the most of it. As a chain reaction of events, we have seen a surge of products and tools that provide online marketing services. Enhencer’s use of Artificial Intelligence and First-Party cookies makes it stand out in this crowd.


Upon integration, Enhencer collects the website visitors dataset for the e-commerce company. Unlike other tools and platforms, Enhencer only collects the behavioral dataset, leaving every bit of personal identifying information out of the equation. Afterward, Enhencer’s AI Algorithm analyzes the website visitors’ behavior and understands what behavior leads to a purchase and what does not. In the end, Enhencer provides e-commerce companies with the best possible audience from relevant website visitors who interact with the brand and its products.


Using Enhencer, e-commerce companies can reach the right audience for their brand and product. This significantly reduces the campaign cost for the companies, and we have seen companies increasing their ad campaign revenue by 5 times or higher. Additionally, consumers are also not facing and getting irritated by irrelevant ads.


Enhencer, as a company, has only come out of its shell and scratched the surface of the e-commerce industry. It aims to reach more e-commerce companies to provide its services on a global scale to create a more sustainable, ethical, profitable, and scalable online marketing environment.