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MenaPay, the blockchain-based mobile payment system

MenaPay aims to serve as the primary payment method for 18 countries and over 350 million people who do not use banks in the Middle East and North Africa and offer a completely transparent, secure, and fast product with the perfect use of blockchain technology. The blockchain-based mobile payment system MenaPay, provides a new generation of payment experience for both individual users and businesses.

MenaCash, the cryptocurrency of unchanged value tailored to the MenaPay personal application, equals to 1 USD. In this way, users can easily make cross-border purchases without being affected by exchange rate changes and price fluctuations. Thanks to the bank-independent and interest-free infrastructure provided by MenaPay’s blockchain technology, cash can be digitized from thousands of MenaPay top-up points in the region.

With easy access to MenaPay top-up points such as internet cafes, jewelers, gas stations, and exchange offices, users can benefit from more services by digitized. Moreover, users can own MenaCash through wire transfer with the MenaPay Personal App. By joining this digital ecosystem, top-up points and merchant businesses can expand their customer portfolio, providing additional revenue by providing products or services to more customers.

Established in December 2017, MenaPay launched its personal and business applications and brought solutions to one of the most important needs of the region, drawing the interest of cryptocurrency investors with Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), the new funding approach of cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, two different blockchain infrastructures are being used together for the first time in the mobile application of MenaPay, which aims to establish one of the largest cashless communities in the world. This way, a new generation of blockchain technology can be experienced in one application, both for payment transactions in all areas of daily life and for the storage and management of cryptocurrency investments.     GitHub 
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