This work shows how modern technology has shaped the present with high-level geometry pioneered science and art in ancient civilizations. The form of the cubes consists of the star motifs developed around 1000 years ago and used in architecture and decoration. The Hybercupe NFT Series consists of cubes in five different colors in motion in space. All colors represent the values of Boğaziçi Ventures; BV Red, Phosporence Yellow, Midnight Blue, Sustainability Green. The colors are not the only distinction in the artwork. The illusions created by rotation reveal more than a cube in each work and many different images appear.

Witnessing the historical and geographical circular journey of the last few thousand years, these motifs correspond to 4-dimensional analogies and envisagement of celestial bodies. The overlapping perspectives and images in the artwork contextualize the current period where the truth, reality, and facts pale into insignificance.

In the Hypercube NFT Series, there are cubes of different colors in motion in space. Each of these colors was chosen to symbolize the values of Boğaziçi Ventures. BV Red, Phosporence Yellow, Sustainability Green, Midnight Blue. It’s not just the colors that make their difference. The reflections created by their rotation allow us to see much more than a cube in each, and many different images emerge.

Inspired by the Turkish flag, red symbolizes Turkey’s values on its way to the future.

Midnight Blue takes us to the awe-inspiring waters of the Bosphorus. With the midnight blue, the artwork offers an experience of astral travel to our history through Istanbul, which hosted numerous civilizations.

The Phosphorescent Yellow cube form implies the “sea sparkles” of the unique Bosphorus, water flowing from north to south; this colour reveals life in every aspect.

The Sustainability Green colour highlights “sustainability” and demonstrates Boğaziçi Ventures’ sensitivity to sustainability in human life, implying that investments in new technologies will pay off in shaping the future.



Originality and never to be changed. Here is the feature of NFTs. NFTs have some counterparts created in the digital environment. These can be an art form, a photograph, an eternal writing, and many more. The value of NFT comes from its uniqueness. So when you buy an NFT, you have a digital asset that no one else has.


Lisbon-based, Turkish installation artist Özge Topçu, creates spatial sculptures that engage with the urban landscape. Using found objects and geometric designs, spaces are filled with an interplay of light, shadow, line and form. An award-winning artist, Topçu is a grant 2019 recipient from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and in 2018 was nominated for MAC Ulster Bank International Art Prize in Belfast and participated in Art Night London 2018. She is founder of interdisciplinary art space “Hypercube Project Space” in Lisbon. Topçu, has taken part in several solo and group exhibitions in Istanbul, Berlin, London, Belfast and Amsterdam.  She graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Combined Arts Program. Afterwards, she continued her education at Burg Giebchischenstein Kunsthochschule Halle Germany. In 2018, she was nominated for the The MAC Belfast, Ulster Bank International Artist Award. Major exhibitions she participated includes; ”MAC International Art Prize” 2018, “Art Night London” 2018, “RedBull Art Around” 2016, “Locality and Global Discourses”  2015, California University School of Art, San Francisco, USA, “Open City”, Pilot Gallery , 2016,  “Alteration Depression” Solo Exhibition, Hush Gallery, 2015, “Fine Tuned and Multiple”, Kuad Gallery, 2015, “Borders Orbits 15 – 16″, Siemens Art, 2014, “Rotary Art Award Exhibition”, Finalist, Proje 4L / Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, 2014. 

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