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CC Media House, tech driven new media company

CC Media House is positioned as one of the new leading media companies of Turkey and the MENA Region. The company focuses on content producers and engages in marketing efforts that provide rapid results to brands and influencers through interaction optimization. CC Media House also designs disruptive technology products for brands and influencers. With its 80 contracted and up to 2000 registered influencers, it conducts effective campaigns by combining the right influencers with brands especially in the gaming, entertainment, crypto-currency, and beauty categories.

CC Media House also provides channel management, content strategy, sponsorship marketing, and management with video production support for content producers with its production team. It is also specialized in localization of mobile applications and all kinds of digital content in for Turkey and the MENA Region with expert teams in the gaming industry.

At the beginning of 2018, CC Media House invested in the Ininal Espor Arena, the largest Esport center of Turkey and the MENA Region with a capacity of 1500 people, and it will managing its own leagues and tournaments in cooperation with leading gaming companies in this sector.

CC Media House has designed VIRA (Video Reporting Tool), a tool that can be used by all brands and media agencies. The tool, where branded ads will be placed in original content such as Youtube ads, with measurement and reporting features, will be launched at the end of the year.

CC Media House is also in the process of designing and developing two key technological applications that focus on content producers.

First, Panda App has been designed as an application where content producers can market and sell their branded products and services to their followers. The Panda App, which started testing applications, will take its place in the market at the beginning of 2020.

Another application that focuses on content producers is the Experience App, which is currently in the design phase. This application is aimed to be released as an “experience sales platform” that will enable lifestyle and travel influencers to share their experiences and to provide the followers with the same experience.