Exclusive information along with valuable data and insights are shared on the BV Investor Club. Members only.


BV Investor Club introduces its members to promising startup companies that are in the BV ecosystem. Through the Club, members get access to the information about companies and share their own investment prospects with other members. The Club members enjoy the information flow and have access to the online meetings to meet the cofounders. Exchanging valuable comments on the investment thesis supports the evaluation of the relevant opportunities. BV Investor Club provides the forum and makes it available only to pre-screened sophisticated parties.


Club members share opportunities with other Club members, subject to certain prerequisites. Members must declare their participation in the opportunity prior to sharing information, including any privilege or other interests- if any. BV Investor Club reviews any shared information, and reserves the right to prevent the sharing of any information that does not deem appropriate.


BV Investor Club brings some of the most influential opinion leaders to its platform to share exclusive content and insight with the Club members. These meetings are held both online and in-person. Cooperating with other leading brands in various sectors provides the most valuable and exclusive content along with the privileges to the Club members.


BV Investor Club collaborates with venture capital funds around the world, as well as angel networks and strategic investors. The input, orientation, guidance, insights and valuable information provided by these stakeholders regarding opportunities are available on the BV Investor Club platform and shared with the Club members. BV members therefore take part in global opportunities.


BV Investor Club is a referral-based platform that charges no fees from its members. Preferred applicants have a proven investment track record or represent an entity that is active in the ecosystem. When a Club member chooses to enjoy an opportunity shared in the Club, BV Investor Club charges a standard and a performance fee. These fees vary depending on the opportunity and are always shared transparently.