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Next Generation Online Marketing Tool Powered by AI

In the last decade, the E-Commerce industry has taken center stage in the global economy, and it’s only estimated to grow even larger. The entire e-commerce industry uses online ads for their traffic and remarketing campaigns. As a result, online ads have become an absolute essential for any e-commerce company.

The biggest challenge in online ads is the target audience selection for any campaign. Regardless of what audience you choose, online ad platforms will show your ad to those audiences.

Tarentum Breakthroughs in Digital Marketing and LTV Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

If you have a digital product and want to get into global markets, you are faced with two  challenges.  The  first  one  is  while  your  cost  of  acquiring  a  user  is  1  USD  for example,  this amount can go up to 10, 20, or 50 USD when you start scaling. When you  spend  a  1000  USD  budget  for  a  campaign  and  you  get users from 1 USD and you   start   to   scale   a   little   bit,   you   will  face  the  problem  that  every  technology company   faces   and   you   will   see   that   your   estimates   are  not  keeping  up. 

CC Media House, tech driven new media company

CC Media House is positioned as one of the new leading media companies of Turkey and the MENA Region. The company focuses on content producers and engages in marketing efforts that provide rapid results to brands and influencers through interaction optimization. CC Media House also designs disruptive technology products for brands and influencers. 

MenaPay, the blockchain-based mobile payment system

MenaPay aims to serve as the primary payment method for 18 countries and over 350 million people who do not use banks in the Middle East and North Africa and offer a completely transparent, secure, and fast product with the perfect use of blockchain technology. The blockchain-based mobile payment system MenaPay, provides a new generation of payment experience for both individual users and businesses.

Protranslate, the leading online language service provider

Aslında emtia piyasalarını ve tarımsal hammadde fiyatlarını yazmak isterdim ama önceliği ilk önce gerçekten neyin ne olduğunu bilmeyen, bilgi sahibi olmadan fikir sahibi olarak başkalarını etkileyen “influencer” zehrinden zihinleri kurtarmakla başlamak gerekiyor.