Boğaziçi Ventures

About Us

Our careers have been built as technology entrepreneurs. After successfully scaling and exit our technology startups, we are urged to support technology entrepreneurs to help them reaching their ultimate dreams. We do financial investment and provide top-notch professional support for exponential international growth through our investment funds.

Our aim is to combine the power and experience of traditional capital with the disruptive and talented technology ventures. Boğaziçi Ventures plays a key role to moderate the long-term relationship between both sides.

Each of our fund has its own target focused technology vertical, investment strategy and dedicated management team. Investors can build bridges with technology companies through Boğaziçi Ventures while enjoying the benefit of high financial return of the tech industry.


Boğaziçi Ventures aims at investing in tech-ventures which are willing to bring down the traditional industries and capable of developing evolutionary technologies, and engaging investors into these fields to make the ecosystem in our region grow sturdily and survive.

We believe that Eastern Europe, Turkey and the MENA region are ideal geographies to develop the technology. Accordingly, we aspire the talents and capabilities in these regions to set good examples similar to our previous global success stories with proper financial and in-kind support, contribute to this geography and provide superior returns to our investors by enhancing these examples. By investing in disruptive future technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things in the fields from health to security, digital games etc.

Agah Uğur


Barış Özistek

BoD, LP Relations

Kazım Akalın

BoD, Technology & Trends

Burak Balık

BoD, Startup Relations

Kenan Çolpan

BV Growth, General Partner

Onur Topaç

Board Member

Bora Çetinoğlu


Oğuzhan Öztürk


Aktuğ Alimoğlu

BV PMC, General Manager

Tuna Ercilli

BV Crypto, General Manager

Hüseyin Ömür Karakuş

Chief Investment Officer

Seyit Özgür

BV Asset Management, IT

Gizem Sezer

BV Growth Fund Manager

Emel Demirsal

Internal Auditor

Sinan Yıldırım

Investment Principal

Berkay Aybey

BV Crypto, Business Analyst

Nurdan Göçmen Gencer

Accounting Manager

Kemal Güzel

Finance and Accounting Executive

Nergiz Türk

Finance and Accounting Executive